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Commercial DUI Charges in California

Defense from Our Modesto DUI Attorney

A commercial driver is considered anyone who holds a Class C, Class B, or Class A driver's license and operates a vehicle for a company. Commercial drivers convicted of driving under the influence may risk not only criminal DUI charges but also the loss of their job. Blood alcohol content tolerated by the state is much lower for commercial drivers, and most companies have a no-tolerance policy for drivers convicted of a DUI. If you have been arrested, then you understand that there is a lot on the line, so do not hesitate to contact a Modesto commercial DUI attorney to help you challenge evidence and fight for your rights!

What the Law Says on Drinking & Commercial Driving

Under California Vehicle Codes §23152 (d) and §15210, commercial drivers are strictly prohibited from operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of 0.04 percent or higher, and it clearly defines all aspects of the law that are considered to be driving under the influence as well as laws regarding commercial drivers, including refusing to submit to a breath or blood test when asked by a police officer. You may be facing felony DUI charges if you were involved in an wreck or serious accident that caused bodily harm and injury or death to another driver or pedestrian while under the influence of alcohol.

Fighting Your Charges in Modesto, CA

If you are convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol and you are a commercial driver, then you may be facing up to one year in jail, $1,000 in fines, and up to 36 months in a DUI educational program. On top of these formal charges, you will also risk losing your job. It is important that you protect your future and your career by obtaining the guidance of a Modesto DUI attorney from Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated.

Our firm can help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case and fight for your rights and freedoms. We will challenge evidence and investigate every detail of your arrest. Contact us today to speak with an attorney and to schedule a free case evaluation. You have no time to lose, so call now!

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