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Attorney Scott Mitchell

Bankruptcy Assistance in Modesto, CA and Surrounding Areas

Scott Mitchell, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, is dedicated to helping the residents of Modesto, and all surrounding areas, to get back on their feet in the face of a dire financial situation. The entire legal team at the office is well-equipped to assist clients in preparing for the bankruptcy process, filing the necessary petition and devising a solid plan for the future, as we have a well-established system for completing this complex process in an efficient manner. We have filed well over 3000 bankruptcy cases in the time that we have been practicing this area of the law, and we take pride in being able to facilitate a healthy financial future for the people that have asked us for our help. Mr. Mitchell is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney and is familiar with all of the complications that may arise down the line, so he takes the time to talk to our clients honestly and inform them of what to expect.

He understands that there is a negative social stigma that has surrounded the term "bankruptcy," but he wants people to understand that this process is nothing to be ashamed of. Through his many years of experience in representing individuals who have found themselves overloaded with debt, Attorney Mitchell has been able to see the many advantages of the bankruptcy process first-hand. It has the ability to literally rescue those who have nowhere left to turn, and he believes that anyone who has found themselves in such a situation deserves the chance to obtain a fresh start. It is for this reason that he is so passionate about this area of the law, as he wants to see each and every one of his clients succeed. Having someone by your side that can walk you through the legal complexities involved in filing for bankruptcy is an invaluable tool, and no one understands that better than Scott Mitchell.

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If you have found yourself struggling to pay off unmanageable debt, you might benefit from exploring your legal options. With the help of bankruptcy attorney Scott Mitchell, you may find that you are ready to move past your financial crises with a clean slate. The process of filing for bankruptcy is delicate, however, and should be handled with the utmost precaution—as not everyone will benefit from such a severe financial overhaul. For this reason, you should set aside the time to consult with a professional that understands the ins and outs of this area of the law. Mr. Mitchell has assisted countless individuals just like yourself, so you can rest easier knowing that your case is being managed by a reliable and highly experienced attorney when you enlist the help of our firm.

Affordable Bankruptcy Lawyer

While Scott Mitchell is not a "cheap bankruptcy lawyer," his fees are reasonable and competitive. Remember cheap isn't always good if the quality of service isn't there. While deciding on which bankruptcy lawyer to consult with and hire, you should always consider value not just the lowest priced lawyer. At Scott Mitchell Law our fees are fair and our service is professional and effective. 

Fees and Payments

Here at Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated, when it comes to fees and payments, we strive to be flexible with clients who are seeking legal representation. We offer payment arrangements, flat fee contracts, and traditional retainer agreements. We understand legal representation is necessary for all, and yet difficult for most to pay the fees all at once. Although we cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to hire us, we do promise to do what we can to make it possible for you to hire one of our attorneys to represent you.