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Why Hire Us - Bankruptcy

Why Hire Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated?

Quality Legal Services in a Welcoming Environment

When considering filing for bankruptcy, life can be frustrating and filled with emotion and fear, but you should rest assured that you are not alone. In the past few years, hundreds of thousands of Americans filed for bankruptcy. Sometimes, even no matter how hard you try, there comes a point when something needs to be done about your debt and making sure that you and your family are able to move forward with your lives, not drown in a financial crisis.

Bankruptcy does not have to be a frightening situation. Filing for bankruptcy can actually help you. Depending on which chapter you file under, you may be able to either erase your debt altogether or compile your debts into easy-to-manage payments. At our firm, we aim to provide quality representation to those considering filing for bankruptcy and help them make informed and educated decisions about their future. At Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated, we understand that you may have a lot of questions about your future and whether bankruptcy is the right choice for you. We offer outstanding representation, sound legal guidance, and the opportunity to work with experienced lawyers who will fight for your and your family's well-being.

Experience you can Rely on!

We are a highly experienced firm with expertise in all aspects of the law pertaining to bankruptcy. Our knowledge is second to none. The team at Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated offers a non-judgmental approach to your case and a tailored debt relief strategy from your attorney. We strive to provide competent and efficient services in a friendly environment. We will never judge you or question your reason for filing. With thousands of successful cases under our belt, you can rest assured that you will be provided with representation you can trust. The team at Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated also proudly provides our clients with free case evaluations and fair prices for your case.

Honest and Trusted Counsel in Modesto, CA

During this time in your life, it is important that you find an attorney who you can trust. At our firm, we offer an honest assessment in order to provide you with as much information as possible about your case. We will tell you honestly whether or not a bankruptcy is necessary or is the best option for your situation. Our firm offers advice on planning and timing and explains all the do's and don'ts prior to filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We have tremendous experience in spotting potential pitfalls and will prepare your case as best as we can so that it can be processed in a smooth fashion. Do not hesitate to contact our firm as soon as possible and retain the trusted guidance of Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated today.

Fees and Payments

Here at Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated, when it comes to fees and payments, we strive to be flexible with clients who are seeking legal representation. We offer payment arrangements, flat fee contracts, and traditional retainer agreements. We understand legal representation is necessary for all, and yet difficult for most to pay the fees all at once. Although we cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to hire us, we do promise to do what we can to make it possible for you to hire one of our attorneys to represent you.