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DUI Accident Attorney in Modesto

Experienced & Active Defense for DUI Charges

Drunk driving accidents killed more than 3,000 people in 2009, and many more drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. If you were involved in an accident, it is important you work with a knowledgeable attorney who understands your charges. At Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated, we understand that this time in your life is stressful. When you come to our firm to seek guidance after an arrest, we will never pass judgment on you, but instead we will work to help you receive the strongest defense possible in your time of need.

There are numerous penalties that you may be facing after a DUI-related accident, including:

  • Driver-license suspension
  • Jail time
  • Heavy fines

Your insurance company may raise your rates or drop you if you are convicted of a DUI as well, and your driving record will have a permanent mark of a DUI conviction on it, too. Often, DUI accidents are not single-party incidents and there are multiple people involved in the accidents. When you work with an attorney from our team, we will investigate all evidence and speak with any party that was involved in the accident, including witnesses and police.

Dedicated Representation for Your Case

Ten days after your arrest, you will be requested to appear at a DMV hearing. At this hearing, your driving privileges will be discussed. Also, if you were involved in a DUI accident, you will most likely need to attend a court hearing that will determine your sentencing, if any. You should never have to face these administrative and court hearings alone.

When you work with our firm, you will never be alone during this process! At Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated, we provide our clients with outstanding representation and aggressive defense for their cases. The California Vehicle Code laws can get tricky, and you may be facing other serious criminal charges if anyone was hurt or killed in the accident. Contact our team to retain strong legal counsel and defend your rights after an accident in Modesto or nearby areas.

Fees and Payments

Here at Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated, when it comes to fees and payments, we strive to be flexible with clients who are seeking legal representation. We offer payment arrangements, flat fee contracts, and traditional retainer agreements. We understand legal representation is necessary for all, and yet difficult for most to pay the fees all at once. Although we cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to hire us, we do promise to do what we can to make it possible for you to hire one of our attorneys to represent you.