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DUI License Suspension in Modesto

Taking the Next Step

One of the most common penalties of a DUI arrest is the loss of driving privileges. After an arrest, a driver's license will be automatically revoked and the driver will be issued a notice of suspension or temporary license. This notice will require you to attend a DMV hearing within ten days of your arrest; the full extent of your driving privileges or restrictions will be discussed at the hearing. Other times, an officer will immediately confiscate your license, especially if you are arrested under the age of 21 on a DUI charge, which is a direct violation of California Vehicle Code §223136. It is important that you recognize the charges that are being held against you and work hard to defend your rights and freedoms.

Under California law, there are minimum penalties which a person may be held accountable for after an arrest. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, you may be facing high penalties and jail time, but almost always you will have to face license suspension. If this was your first arrest, you may lose your license for up to six months.

Every time you are arrested for a DUI after your first DUI, you may see a steady increase in the amount of license suspension time. After a second DUI, you may lose your license for up to two years; however, it is important to remember that the ultimate time of your license suspension or revocation is dependent on the discretion of the judge, and you may face longer suspension times.

Getting Your License Back

Was your license revoked? Chances are, you probably want it back. There are some important steps that you will need to follow to ensure that you receive your license in a timely manner. First, it is important that you attend all court-appointed programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. You may also want to check with your insurance company to ensure that you are still covered under their policy. When you are sure that you are covered, you will need to attend a hearing and pay a reinstatement fee to revalidate your driver's license. Some cases, depending on how long your revocation was for, may require you to retake portions of the DMV exam, such as the written test, before reinstating your license.

Trust Your Case to Our Modesto DUI Attorney

The best possible chance you have at receiving your reinstatement of your license in a timely manner is ensuring that you work with a Modesto DUI attorney from Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated. Our team will work hard to defend your rights and your freedoms. If you are in need of aggressive representation in Modesto and the Central Valley contact our team and schedule your free case evaluation as soon as possible.

Fees and Payments

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