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Stopping Wage Garnishment and Lawsuits

Modesto Bankruptcy Attorney to Help You Resolve Your Debt

Are you facing wage garnishment or lawsuits filed on behalf of your lenders or creditors? If so you may consider filing an emergency bankruptcy case that can stop all collection actions. These situations often arise because of financial situations that require you to be forced to not pay back bills and loans in a timely manner. In today's society, it is not uncommon for individuals struggling to find work and make ends meet to be faced with uncertainty about when they will be able to pay back the debts that they may be facing.

In an effort to collect, some companies will start garnishing wages from paychecks and may even file lawsuits against delinquent individuals. If you find yourself in a situation similar to the ones explained above, do not hesitate to contact a dedicated Modesto bankruptcy attorney from Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated as soon as possible.

What is wage garnishment?

In California, wage garnishment takes place when a debtor is late on owing a credit company or lender money, yet they are still able to retain work. Wage garnishment occurs because of a lawsuit that has been filed and approved by the California court systems to garnish wages from an employee's paychecks. The money that is withheld is given directly back to the debtor in an effort to pay back the loans.

The amount of money may range between a couple hundred dollars to a thousand, depending on the circumstances, money owed and the amount of money that is being made. The best way to ensure that you do not see wage garnishing is to recognize the signs of financial troubles and begin to make small payments toward paying back your loan or file for bankruptcy. A Modesto bankruptcy lawyer from Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated can help you determine the best legal actions to take.

Are you being sued by a creditor?

It may seem like a crazy though, but you can actually be sued by a creditor or lender for not paying back debt. Many people find this obscene, especially because they cannot afford to pay back the loans in the first place – so what good is it to demand money in a lawsuit? The good news is, these cases will not usually begin unless the credit has been in debt for more than seven years and numerous attempts to reach the debtor have been denied or not returned.

When you are sued, the lawsuit will go to a California court where it will be reviewed by a judge. Based on their determinations, you may be facing wage garnishments or other means of collection as a forced way to pay back loans. If you know that you are facing a lawsuit or fear that one may be coming, you can eliminate the start of the process – or continuation of one – by filing for bankruptcy.

Working with a Modesto Bankruptcy Lawyer

Are you concerned that you may be facing wage garnishment or being the victim of a lawsuit? You need to retain the legal representation of a trusted and aggressive bankruptcy attorney. At Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated, our lawyers have nearly a decade of experience in providing outstanding legal representation to our clients in their time of need.

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