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Post-Divorce New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Scott Mitchell | Jan 11, 2016 | 0 Comments

The first year after a divorce can be a difficult time. However, with the New Year having just started, there is no better time than the present to make some New Year's resolutions towards helping you start fresh towards a new beginning. To help you get back on track towards a happy and healthy future, try sticking to the following tips!

1. Take care of yourself: After a divorce, many have a tendency to slip into bad habits such excessive drinking or poor eating choices as a way of coping with the pain. To break out of this trap, make sure you eat well, get enough sleep, and engage in regular exercise.

2. Spend time with your loved ones: Another tendency of recently divorced individuals is to become reclusive. Your family and friends are your biggest supporters – do not shut them out!

3. Spontaneously do something you want to do: Did your ex-spouse not approve of something you always wanted to do, or did you think you would never have time for something? Go for it! It will pick up your spirits and remind you of your newfound independence.

4. Love you kids more than you hate your ex: Refrain from speaking ill of your ex and focus on building your relationship with your children. Remember, they likely still love your ex even though you no longer feel the same way.

5. Try to stay on good terms with your ex: Along the same lines, your children will still likely have strong feelings for the other parent. Attempting to maintain a cordial relationship, if possible, can help your children cope with the change.

6. Do not be afraid of love: Just because you are no longer with your ex does not mean you are incapable of loving or being loved again. While it may be difficult to look for romance immediately after a divorce, do not close yourself off to the possibility of finding someone new. With that being said, be mindful of past mistakes and make an effort to avoid the same problems.

7. Live and learn: While you may be struggling with the scars of your divorce, remember that life will go on. Life is full of opportunities for new relationships and adventures. Use this as a learning experience and prepare for bigger and better things.

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