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Do's and Don'ts when Appearing in Court

Posted by Scott Mitchell | Dec 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

Do you have an upcoming court appearance? Regardless of if you are going to court for a felony charge or a traffic citation, it is critical to present the best, most polished version of yourself. From what to wear to when to show up, knowing what is expected of you beforehand can help you prepare. Below, our blog outlines several do's and don'ts of a courtroom appearance to help you maximize the strength of your case.

  1. Do dress for success: While most of us have heard this phrase (and it may be cliché), it is especially relevant for a court appearance. Dressing appropriately is one of the best ways to show the judge that you are taking your case seriously and that you respect the courtroom. Professional attire is recommended and if you have a question, ask an attorney.
  2. Don't be late: The legal process is full of appointments and deadlines. Keep track of each of your courtroom appointments so that you are always on time. In fact, it is typically recommended that you plan to arrive anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes early. Giving yourself a few extra minutes can save everyone a lot of headache in the event of an unforeseen setback.
  3. Do follow the rules: It is critical to learn and follow the rules of the courtroom. From knowing the day's schedule to the courtroom procedure, understanding what will be expected of you can help to prevent errors that hurt your case. Consulting with your attorney beforehand can help to ensure that each party is prepared.
  4. Don't be disrespectful: How a judge views your character can impact the results and success of your case. For example, do not chew gum, remember to turn your phone off, and if you have small children, find a babysitter for the day. Any behavior that distracts courtroom personnel or leads the judge to believe that you are being disrespectful of the court's time may negatively impact your case.
  5. Do ask questions beforehand: It can be incredibly frustrating to encounter a problem in the courtroom which could have been solved by open communication beforehand. While your attorney can work tirelessly to uphold your rights and defend your case, the highest levels of service may only be achieved when everyone is on the same page. If you do not understand an aspect of your case, ask your attorney prior to appearing before a judge.

Do You have an Upcoming Court Appearance?

While following the tips and suggestions listed above can help, securing the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney is highly recommended. Whether you must appear before a judge to fight a traffic-related offense or a drug crime, Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated can help. Our Modesto criminal defense attorney has substantial experience defending clients against even the most severe charges and can provide you with the one-on-one service you need to maximize the strength of your case.

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