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Receiving Child Support Payments

Are you a custodial parent seeking child support from the non-custodial party? It is important that you work with an attorney who can help you locate and receive payments from your child's other parent. An aggressive Modesto divorce lawyer from our firm can help ensure that you receive the payments that have been court-ordered so you can provide your child with the best life possible.

The California Department of Child Support Services offers numerous resources to parents seeking child support, including locating a parent, assistance establishing paternity, and modifying your divorce decree to help you receive child support payments. Although this is an extremely resourceful website, it is important that you work with a lawyer from Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated to help you navigate the often tricky waters of family law.

When trying to get child support, especially from notorious parents who have never paid or are behind on payments, you need a Modesto child support attorney to assist you. By working with a lawyer, you will be able to receive the legal counsel that you deserve and obtain the payments you need. Under California's Agnos Minimum Child Support Standards Act, a non-custodial parent may be required to pay a minimum amount of payments to the custodial parent in order to provide the child with medical and education assistance and help them maintain a favorable lifestyle.

How how much will I receive, and for how long?

Child support is paid until the child in question becomes 18 years of age, unless the child has not graduated high school at the age of 18, in which case the parent will then have to continue to pay child support until the child graduates. There are some cases in which child support will need to be paid in order to support a child in college, but this if often determined at a later date. Mentally disabled children beyond the age of 19 may receive payments into their 20s, but once again, this is often discussed at a later date and not generally written into a divorce decree.

Child support is calculated according to a few specific guidelines; the judge will determine support based on the amount of income of both parents, the health insurance they receive, and the tax filing status of each parent. Judges may also take into consideration the cost of living and health care for the child, how many other children each parent has, and how much time may be allotted to spend with the child.

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Fees and Payments

Here at Scott Mitchell Law Incorporated, when it comes to fees and payments, we strive to be flexible with clients who are seeking legal representation. We offer payment arrangements, flat fee contracts, and traditional retainer agreements. We understand legal representation is necessary for all, and yet difficult for most to pay the fees all at once. Although we cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to hire us, we do promise to do what we can to make it possible for you to hire one of our attorneys to represent you.